About the Guru

Dr.B.Sai Kiran had been teaching and researching on Vedic Maths from past 18 years and he is one among the very few Vedic Maths Gurus of our times. 

He teaches the traditional form of Vedic Maths, which is very interesting and easy for the students to understand. He travelled to 14 countries across the world and partnered with them in spreading this ancient knowledge globally. 

Dr.B.Sai Kiran holds 6 World Records in Rapid Calculations and is popular among the students as Human Calculator. 

Many major News Papers in India and Abroad published articles on his training Programs. Many major T.V. channels interviewed him and broadcasted programs by him on Vedic Maths. 

He is also an Author of 2 books and created videos on Vedic Maths.

Dr.B.Sai Kiran runs an Academy called IMPACT MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE ACADEMY in Hyderaabad, Telangana State, India,  where he imparts Vedic Maths knowledge to the Students and Teachers.He lectured to more than 6 lakh students in the past 18 years of his career.

ill now 8 students of Dr.B.Sai Kiran achieved World Records in the Category of Rapid Calculations and Memory Power.